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Update 3-19-24 2035 Attilafortran site is ready

Update 3-3-24 0357 Artist sites due by 4-1-24

Update 2-23 24 18:24 -Los Angeles CA getting ready for the 2024-25 release schedule…

Update 2-11-24 19:40 cosmetic and link fixes plans for 2024-25 being laid out.

Update 2-9-24 reopening after the pandemic nightmare the survivors are back Attilafortran/Stu Gartz/Albert Lang-Venti….

Wix site lasted until 2022 old site lasted 2021


Update 8-2-2020 Los Angeles WECOME BACK TO THE MACHINE - ATTILAFORTRANS 4TH LONG PLAYER  has been delayed mid August to Sept 2020 looks like the date plus or minus .

Update 6-16-2020 LOS ANGELES  purchase all albums by ATTILAFORTRAN at Amazon or any popular download service worldwide...also this notice applies to all VMRC acts...VERSION MARY RECORDS LIVES ON...

UPDATE THE BIG NEWS VMRC 6-13-2020 1923 will survive at the last minute it has been decided to struggle on...maybe add a partner

NEW ALBUM FROM ATTILAFORTRAN:THE STAND IN released 5-26-2020 -it is also noted that VM Records will close its doors Sept 2020

Update Date Line Los Angeles 4/2/2020 All links in artist pages have changed Amazon offers best price however all major retailers carry Version Mary Records product/Artists...

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